OÎCOS and C&G receive an aid to incorporate circularity indicators into the BISIO software

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OÎCOS and C&G receive an aid to incorporate circularity indicators into the BISIO software

In the last call for grants for projects to promote the circular economy, the Waste Agency of Catalonia has supported the project to create a comprehensive scorecard for companies with circularity indicators.

The project arises from the alliance of OICOS and Cervera and Gonfaus and focuses on the ecodesign of BISIO, a new software that allows companies to understand and evaluate their business in order to make the best decisions.

One of the strengths of its ability is to collect data from different sources and represent them, in almost real time, in visual and synthetic form using a Power-BI panel specially designed by the company.

But probably the main strength of the software is precisely the team of consultants that supports it, as the tool is customized to always get the variables that interest and the information that really matters, to better analyze reality and make the best decisions . It is at this point where the project fits, as it aims to add a new dimension to BISIO to provide at least 25 circularity indicators encompassed in at least 4 fields (eg raw material, waste management, energy, water), taking into account takes into account all current trends, their applicability and the data available in most SMEs.

Although the project is designed for any type of company, it focuses specifically on the manufacturing SME in the metal, wood and textile sector, where at least 3 pilot tests are planned.

Innovation, always present at OICOS, emerges in this project in its last phase, where work is being done to create a database of environmental and circular improvements for companies that can be incorporated into the software in order to generate proposals automatically.

The project began last February and will resume in the coming weeks to begin pilot testing.
Are you interested? Want to know more? Would you like to be part of the pilot test? Contact us and we will inform you.